Popura “Poplar” Taneshima ( Taneshima Popura) is a person regarding the major feminine figures in story, Working.

Popura “Poplar” Taneshima ( Taneshima Popura) is a person regarding the major feminine figures in story, Working.

this woman tend to be per petite 17 year old highschool scholar that work in Wagnaria while single waitress.

Appearance [ edit | modify provide ]

Taneshima appearance the greatest youthful woman among experiencing one innocent look your might seem to create everyone misunderstand their woman to/or think this girl is younger. She includes very long, fluffy, reddish-brown tresses which tied in your ponytail inside many times screwed upwards by Jun Satou. truly even however the girl height is actually reduced versus each typical, our girl appears to stay fine-endowed reviewed interior up to females.

attributes [ change | edit source ]

Taneshima shows single bubbly individuality, even had been always frustrated when folk believe she’s at focus towards biggest class. It girl constantly wants everyone obtaining along. She actually is plus somewhat oblivious, totally not aware out of Jun Satou’s feelings to Yachiyo Todoroki, additionally why this particular individual messes and that the lady locks. and yet, your babe manages towards determine Yachiyo’s thoughts for Satou, a great deal before Yachiyo will. this one babe appears completely worried around the lady height then/or procedures by herself pretty much daily, although including the showcase finale she maintains last grown taller.

Background [ modify | edit supply ]

Relationships [ modify | modify provider ]

Co-workers [ edit | modify provider ]

Souta Takanashi [ modify | modify company ]

Taneshima highly admires Takanashi, she much are definitely additionally incapable in order to perfectly phone him with his surname, suggesting “Katanashi” rather compared to “Takanashi”, still whenever corrected.

She adores Kotori (Souta’s change-ego) since an perfect goal where this one babe attempt rather friendly among Takanashi, commonly attempting for him and Inami together, and experiencing kept down following he does not puppy this girl to completely quite very long periods. Conversely, she is usually frustrated by his ‘lesser’ viewpoints.

Taneshima thinks Kotori become every well female, additionally often expected Takanashi inside cross-clothes concerning their woman, that he always declines. Popura’s adoration concerning Kotori is in order to the extent what that woman co-staff members inquire this girl regardless our woman is drawn towards females, then again this particular babe denies it. but, at conference Takanashi’s families in addition discovering their these are typically each tall then posses impressive figures, this one girl fallen her admiration out-of Takanashi’s lady-form inside asked authorization in order to appreciate his siblings, thinking about his families customers endowed simply by that the gods.

Jun Satou [ modify | modify supplier ]

Satou attempt the greatest shut friend of Taneshima’s, which your one many times support your female and factors this girl cannot do. Conversely, Satou is inside of just like utilizing Yachiyo, for this reason when this person sees Yachiyo spending time period at Kyouko, he becomes frustrated, plus at alter, bullies Taneshima. Many times simply by teasing her up to the lady height, and also/as messing among her “fluffy” locks simply by putting that it in an additional hairstyles or just ruffling it.

Kyouko Shirafuji [ edit | alter source ]

Kyouko is actually completely defensive away from Taneshima, and has now it duration have found this habit towards shield each woman at bullies at restaurant. since she also attempt will likely supervisor, Kyouko are allowed interior go alongside physical violence https://datingmentor.org/escort/tampa/ up up against the bullies, customarily usually causes people in order to by just zero means come-back, keeping Taneshima protected.

Yachiyo Todoroki [ edit | modify supply ]

Similar to Kyouko, Yachiyo always defends Taneshima after anyone insults that the woman height for the most part was normally Satou who this girl even looks to protect Taneshima opposing.

Mahiru Inami [ alter | edit source ]

Taneshima and Inami are particularly closed friends, to/to frequently speak every more to support Inami attain complete the woman androphobia. Taneshima additionally quite involves simply by by herself at Inami’s appreciate inside Takanashi. This girl tries interior drive them together in most means it this girl will probably, and scolds Takanashi since our person reasons Inami feeling bad. At episode twelve, Taneshima put together Takanashi vow to go separated for the time using Inami it cost for creating Taneshima feel completely wrong.

Souma Hiroomi [ edit | modify source ]

Taneshima and Souma come with regularly been awesome buddies, then again Taneshima is sometimes afraid concerning him because this one person understands the woman dark trick, in order to uses it to the this girl to-do his duty in direction of him.

Aoi Yamada [ alter | alter provider ]

Mainly because Taneshima is unable read through Yamada’s lies, she thinks that Yamada even sweet plus/or even type babe utilizing a unfortunate previous. plus, because Taneshima was old then Yamada, this girl took this potential and/or manufactured Yamada believe concerning it girl when the woman “onee-san” (aged sister) consequently she would not you will need to get appeared straight down at by just Yamada. Anyhow, Yamada right now looked straight down over this girl also also patted the lady get. Taneshima had been rather oblivious inside find out this.

People [ edit | modify company ]

Takanashi Family Members Members [ modify | modify source ]

Popura appearance upward in Souta’s mother as well as Takanashi siblings simply because they are all tall, what was something typically Popura aspires inside-feel an-day. Popura really admires Souta’s mother, Shizuka Takanashi, mainly because she accustomed be short like Popura, plus though Souta’s mom utilized our babe private will probably power towards have high anytime this one woman wound up to be after the woman husband.

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